Brain Freeze


I took Joe and Dot to town this morning so that we could run a few errands, and on the way home we drove through Dutch Brother’s Coffee for a caffeine fix. I asked Dot if she wanted anything and she said, “No, we don’t want anything.”

Joe said, “Hey, speak for yourself! I want something.”

I ordered my usual: iced sugar free Caramelizer, half as sweet, and I ordered Joe a Caramelizer freeze (which may actually be the best drink on the planet).

Joe said, “Whoa…that sounds fancy!”

Me: “Oh, it is fancy, just you wait…”

Joe grinned.

When they handed me the drinks through the window, Dot said, “Wow! That looks good!”

Joe snapped, “It’s mine! You said you didn’t want anything.”

Dot rolled her eyes.

I smiled at Joe and said, “You could share…”

Joe looked at me like I was crazy, grinned and shook his head: “Nope.”

I warned Joe: “Now don’t drink it too fast or you will get brain freeze…”

Joe’s eyes got big: “This drink is powerful enough to freeze my brain?!”

Me: “Well yeah, sort of, but only if you drink it too fast.”

Joe: “Oh, ok.”

Joe took a sip and said, “This is GOOD! Too bad you didn’t order one, huh Dot?”

Dot chose to ignore his comment and looked out the window.

Thirty seconds later, Joe started coughing and holding his head, and when I looked over at him I saw that he had already sucked down his entire frozen drink in one long, satisfying gulp.

Me: “Oh no, Joe! You went and froze your brain didn’t you?”

Joe: “Well bye-golly I think I did!”

Dot laughed: “That’s what you get for not sharing…”

Joe looked at her with a big grin and said, “Well my brain already thawed out, so it was worth it.”

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