Miracle Bra.

Joe and Dot just watched an entire half hour infomercial about the “Miracle Bra”.

I kept trying to explain to Dot that it was a whole show, but she was like, “No, it’s just a commercial…”

The explanation of an infomercial would have been lost at that moment, so I didn’t even try.

One thing’s for sure:  Joe wasn’t complaining!

Of course the whole point of the infomercial was to make every other bra look like the worst bra ever, so when they would bring out a new girl acting all uncomfortable in her bra with lop-sided boobs, Joe’s eyes would get big and he’d say things like:

“Uh-oh, there must be something wrong with that bra too!”

“Oh and there’s another one…”

“Boy, there sure are a lot of awful bras out there!”

Dorothy:  “Gosh, this is the longest commercial I’ve ever seen!”

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