The Longest Nap Ever.

President Obama was on the news the other night while Joe had dozed off on the couch.

Joe woke up for a minute and said, “Who is that, Dot?”

Dot: “Huh?”

Joe said, louder this time, “WHO’S THAT GUY ON THE SCREEN?”

Dot: “That’s Barack Obama.”

Joe: “Hmmm the name sounds familiar…”

Dot: “Barack Obama. He’s our president!”

Joe: “President of what?”

Dot: “He’s the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES!”

Joe laughed: “Oh no he isn’t.”

Dot: “Yes he is.”

Joe: “He can’t be…”

Dot: “Why not?”

Joe: “Because he’s black.”

Dot: “Well…that’s what happened.”

Joe looked at me: “Well gee-whiz – I must’ve been asleep longer than I thought!”


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