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15 thoughts on “Tell Your Story.

  1. Hi- I am so glad you came to last weekend’s Faith & Culture Writers Conference at Multnomah! I wish I would have met you during the event. I really appreciate your openness and vulnerability in sharing these words! I love how you felt the Holy Spirit calling you to write and I love how you came despite your initial hesitation!
    This blog post is wonderful- brought tears to my eyes

    Please stay connected- Cornelia Becker Seigneur-

  2. Congratulations for stepping out of a comfort zone! I’m so glad it was better than you ever imagined. I don’t do the ‘God thing’ – have plenty of my own ‘inner spirit’ LOL – and am a firm believer in being open-minded, loving and accepting naturally, but it is nice to hear there are religious organizations out there about accepting who you are, not what you are! – Suzan –

  3. We don’t always have to fight the fight, blow the battle trumpet, defend all the unjust that the world has dealt. Quiet courage is an admirable characterisitic,one that I don’t have alot of experience with but have been working with over these last years. Challenages are not always obstacles but opportunity…..
    Glad you made the choice to relax.

  4. This is a great story! I was at the conference, too, and the whole thing was worth it just for Wm Paul Young – shocked the hell outta me. Loved him! I think it’s funny that you mention your faux hawk…like that’s out of the norm for a Portlander. 🙂 Awesome that you stepped out of your comfort zone to go. I have a completely different life story, but I stepped out of my “zone” as well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I wish I was as gifted as you are with words. God has chosen to bless me in other ways. But I’ll do my best to articulate my thoughts and feelings here…

    My heart is elated to know that you’re finding some balance between your faith and your sexuality. I find it very sad when others are driven to a point that they feel they have to choose between one or the other. I don’t pretend to know or understand God’s true feelings on the matter, and as far as I’m concerned it’s really none of my business. First and foremost He has directed us to love one another. Personally I try to stick to that motto.

    Secondly, I am so excited for you to be following the path He has for your life! I’m jumping up and down and squealing like a school girl on the inside for you! It’s one hellava ride to be sure, but so much more worth it.

    I wish you all the best, I’ll keep you in my prayers and I’ll buy a whole bunch of your books as soon as you get published!

    ❤ Jen

  6. WOW Whit! What a talent you have with your stories and insights. Its ALWAYS amazing when
    God leads you to a place you need to be to hear and storytelling is one you’ve had since you were a
    little girl..(when was That?) I am excited that God directed you to writers such as Paul Young so
    you can get your message out.. Max Lucado is another Contempary Christian Writer who NOT
    ONLY writes Christian Fiction but is very skilled in Bringing the Bible to Life iwith a Contemporary
    format.. I read The Shack a while Back AND it sure puts a Bright light on FORGIVENESS,,,IT is
    always good to keep your heart and mind open to God’s Spirit and Word in our pursuit of THE TRUTH..

    The Best in Love,


  7. Hi I am so proud to be your Mother. You are going to write an amazing book and I can’t wait to read it. LOVE YOU

  8. Whitney!! I am so happy for you! I know we have a similar church background. I just want you to know my testimony. I was actually converted, saved, filled with the Holy Spirit (whatever you want to call it) just last September. I truly figured out what TRUSTING Jesus really means. Truly Trusting, Believing the Bible and not men. I’m so sorry you don’t feel loved and accepted. Unfortunately, not many people do, gay or not. Christians are SINNERS. But we have to remember that we are God’s creation and we are ALWAYS loved and accepted by Him. Just look to Him alone, not man. I wish you would go to a “full gospel” church and praise and worship without concern of man. We only have to worry about what He thinks, so go do your thing. And maybe quit judging “Christians”, they’re sinners too that just need to be loved and accepted. To me, you are not a “homosexual”, you are my very funny friend who is wonderfully and beautifully made by our creator. Walk boldly! Trust Him! I cannot wait for YOUR book!!! It’s gonna be a great read for sure!! I love you!!!!

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