Lois the FinMy favorite is when my client, Lois, comes and sits by me on my bed and we have a whole conversation where she asks me 3 times who I am and I tell her my name, but she insists that I’m a lady with bad hips named Caroline who lives across the street with 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl) and a black cat named Thomas.

As far as I know this person does not actually exist, but as long as she likes Caroline I’ll go along with it. Then after Lois and I (Caroline) have a few laughs, Lois gets up from my bed and farts like a revved up, long haul diesel truck engine for a full 60 seconds as she exits the room without so much as a “pardon me”.

Goodnight to you too, Lois.

2 thoughts on “Caroline.

  1. I used to visit my grandmother in her nursing home. One of the ‘neighbours’ there was convinced she knew me from a wedding wearing the most beautiful hat she’d seen. She was always delighted to see me even though we’d never met before. I also went along with it – who am I to ruin what was clearly a wonderful memory! (That every hat I’ve ever tried on makes me look like a complete idiot… I’m happy to appear beautiful in somebody’s tale!) – Suzan –

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