2 out of 3.

joe_dotI just tucked Joe into bed for the night.  Dot likes to sit with him until he falls asleep, so I came back to the living room to give them some privacy.  Dot had turned the TV off, so unfortunately I did not have any noise to distract me from hearing their conversation.

Joe:  “You’re going to stay in here with me?”

Dot:  “Yes, is that okay with you?”

Joe:  “Well sure it’s okay!  Why don’t you close the door and come lay here beside me…”

Dot:  “Oh Joe, we’re too old for all that!”

Joe:  “Too old for what?”

Dot:  “We’re too old for THAT.”

Joe:  “Who’s too old?”

Dot:  “WE ARE!”

Joe:  “Speak for yourself!  I’m not too old!”

Dot:  “Oh you are too!”

Joe:  “I’m only 90.”

Dot:  “You’re 93.”

Joe:  “So what?”

Dot:  “So you’re too old.”

Joe:  “Why don’t you give me a chance to prove it to ya…”

Dot:  “That’s what you said the last time, so I gave you a chance and you didn’t do anything.”

Joe:  “When was that?”

Dot:  “Oh I don’t remember.  It’s was a while back.”

Joe:  “Well don’t you think it’s about time that we tried again?”

Dot:  “No.”

Joe:  “Can’t we try for 2 out of 3?”

Dot:  “No.”

Joe:  “Well you can’t say that I’m too old if you don’t even give me a chance to prove it to ya!”

Dot:  “Okay you’re not too old.”

Joe:  “That’s what I said!”

Dot:  “Goodnight Joe.”

Joe grinned:  “Goodnight Dot.”

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