Rise Up!

JoeWe’ve been having Joe take a nap after lunch lately because he just gets so worn out during the day.  Today he’s been acting super restless so I asked him if he wanted to get back up.

Joe:  “Sure, I’ll get up.”

Me:  “Okay, sit up on the edge of your bed and then Dot and I will help you to stand up.”

Joe:  “Okay.”

He didn’t budge.

Dot:  “Joe, do you want to get up or not?”

Joe:  “Sure, I’ll get up.”

Dot:  “Okay, get up then!”

He continued to lay there.

Dot:  “You keep saying that you wanna do something, but you can’t do anything until you get up from this bed!”

Joe:  “Alright, I’ll get up now.”


Dot looked at me and said:  “Here, you pull on his left arm and I’ll pull on the right.”

Joe grabbed hold of both of our hands, but instead of letting us help him he was pulling away from us.

Dot:  “How are we supposed to help you up if you pull away?”

Joe:  “I’m not pulling away.”

Dot:  “What are you doing then?”

Joe:  “I’m refusing to rise.”

Dot:  “How is that different from pulling away?”

Joe:  “It’s not.”

Dot:  “Oh Joe, you’re just impossible sometimes!”

Dot stormed out of the bedroom.  Joe looked at me, grinned from ear to ear, and then shrugged apologetically.

Joe:  “She wanted me to rise up, but I didn’t rise up.”

Me:  “I saw that.”

Joe:  “It’s just the way it goes sometimes, I guess.”

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