The Lady Shadow.

JoeNow that Joe’s dementia has progressed, he is hallucinating almost every night.  Some nights he talks and talks all night long to things that aren’t even there, and it gets a little spooky, especially since I sleep in a bed right next to him.

We’ve figured out that one of the things that he fixates on are shadows so we try to keep his room as dark as possible when it’s bedtime.  Last night, I got up to change his Depends and get him straightened up in his bed (he prefers to sleep sideways for some odd reason).  I had to turn the lamp on so that I could see what I was doing, so he was fixated on my shadow above his bed.

Joe:  “Oh no!  Look at the size of that guy!”

Me:  “What guy, Joe?”

Joe:  “Look up there!  That’s one mean looking man!”

Me:  “You don’t need to be afraid Joe, it’s only my shadow.”

Joe:  “It’s your shadow?”

Me:  “Yep, it’s just my shadow.”

Joe:  “Well you’re a Lady, so that must be a Lady Shadow then…”

I smiled:  “Yes, it is definitely a Lady Shadow.”

Joe chuckled:  “Oh good.  Lady Shadows are nice to me.”

Me:  “Yes, they are.  Lady Shadows are the nicest shadows.  Goodnight Joe.”

Joe grinned:  “Goodnight, Lady Shadow.”


Wyatt Marsh.

JoeWe were watching “Ellen” this afternoon when Joe said: “That fella reminds me of Wyatt Marsh.”

Dot: “Huh?”

Joe: “Doesn’t that guy on the tube remind you of Wyatt Marsh?”

Doe: “That guy there?”

Joe: “Yes, that guy right there.”

Dot: “Nooooooooo.”

Joe: “Why not?”

Dot: “Because that is a black man!”

Joe: “So?”

Dot: “So Wyatt Marsh is white.”

Joe: “He is?”

Dot: “Yes.”

Joe shook his head and chuckled: “Well Hell, you learn something new everyday!”