JoeNow that Joe has become incredibly over-confident in his walking abilities, the caregiver’s bed has been moved into his bedroom in hopes of preventing more falls.

When I was tucking Joe into bed tonight, I made the following error:

Me: “Are you warm enough? Do you think you need another blanket?”

Joe: “I think I’m okay for right now.”

Me: “Okay, but if you get too cold just let me know.”

Joe: “Where will I find you?”

Me: “I’ll be sleeping in the bed next to you…”

Clearly I did not think that through. Yes, my bed is next to Joe’s bed, but they are on opposite walls with a good amount of space in between them.

Joe grinned from ear to ear, scooted as far over in his bed as he could, and then patted the mattress space beside him.

Joe: “If you’re sleeping next to me, then there won’t be any need for more blankets. I’ll keep you plenty warm…”

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