The Ceiling Leg.

JoeThank you to all of our troops!   The rest of this post has nothing to do with Memorial Day, but that doesn’t mean that I’m any less grateful.

Me:  “Good Morning, Joe! Did you sleep okay last night?”

Joe:  “I think so…but the darnedest thing happened!”

Me:  “What happened?”

Joe:   “My leg was on the ceiling!”

Me:  “Your leg? What was it doing up on the ceiling?!”

Joe laughed:  “I have no idea. I asked him why he was up there and he didn’t answer.”

Me:   “Well that’s pretty strange.”

Joe:  “You’re darned right! It was the strangest thing I ever saw! I was worried that it would kick me and then I wouldn’t be able to kick high enough with my other leg to kick back…”

Me:  “Yeah, that’d be pretty problematic wouldn’t it?”

Joe:  “Sure would!”

Me:  “Okay, well I’m going to get you cleaned up and ready for the day now, so don’t go kicking me with your ceiling leg…”

Joe looked serious:  “My ceiling leg would NEVER kick a lady!”

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