Mystery Perfume.

joe_dotI walked into the living room after getting the laundry going and I noticed the smell of perfume.  Joe and Dot were sitting together on the couch.

Me:  “Wow, it smells good in here!  Are you wearing perfume today Dot?”

Dot:  “No I’m not wearing perfume…Oh I know what it is!  I had a big BM in the bathroom so I sprayed some of my cheap perfume in there to cover up the smell.”

Joe and I looked at each other and started to laugh.

Joe:  “Your shit smells like a rose, Dot!”

Dot laughed:  “I always told you that girls aren’t stinky like boys.”

Joe:  “Well I’ll be darned!  I guess you were right after all!”

Laundry 101.

Someone was truly a Brainiac today and accidentally threw a pair of Joe’s adult diapers in the washing machine. I thought I’d seen disgusting things before, but nothing compares to the gummy explosion of dirty Depends all over the “clean” sheets and towels. I’m still dry heaving just thinking about it.