Monster Cookies.

I made a batch of Monster cookies today and I gave one to Joe and Dot while they were still warm; fresh out of the oven.

Dot took her first bite, and while her mouth was still full she said:  “People would die for this!”

With melted chocolate all over his face, Joe said: “What’s that you say Dot? Someone died?”

Dot finished chewing and said: “No, I said that someone could die from eating these cookies because they’re SO GOOD!”

While looking suspiciously at his cookie, Joe said, “Are they poisoned?!”

Dot rolled her eyes and said, “Never mind. Just let me enjoy my cookie.”

Joe looked at his cookie, then looked at me, then back to his cookie and said: “Oh to hell with it. That’s not such a bad way to go…”

Then he took a huge bite and gave me the sweetest chocolatey grin.