Toilet Paper.

I noticed that Lois was struggling with the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, so I asked her if she needed any help.

Lois:  “Help?  No, I don’t need any help!  If I ever get too old to change my own toilet paper roll then we’ve got serious problems!”

I laughed and said, “Okay, well I was just checking because it looked like you were having kind of a rough time with it…”

Lois:  “Yeah, well the problem that I’m having is remembering whether or not I like the paper to roll from the top or from the bottom, and if I put it in the wrong direction then it’s going to drive me completely nuts!  My husband used to make it go the wrong way all the time and it just about drove me CRAZY!”

Me:  “Well, which way did your husband have the toilet paper going?”

Lois:  “The dumb shit would turn it so the paper came from the bottom, and everyone in their right mind knows that the paper should ALWAYS come from the top!”

Me:  “Hmm…sounds to me like you may have found your answer, Lois…”

Lois:  “I did?!  Well how about that!  Wait…what were we talking about again?”

Me:  “Toilet paper.”

Lois:  “Oh yeah.  Boy, we really need to come up with some better topics for conversation, don’t we?”

Me:  “Yeah, I’ll work on that.”

Lois:  “Okay good.  Now, which way did we say that the toilet paper should go again…?