Farm Chores.

JoeAt about 2am, Joe hollered out:  “Hey!  What are you doing over there?!”

I was sound asleep in the bed on the other side of the bedroom, and he about scared me half to death:  “I’m just sleeping, Joe.”

Joe:  “Well what are you doing sleeping when the cows need to be milked?”

Me:  “I thought it was your turn to milk the cows.”

Joe:  “The HELL it is!  It’s YOUR turn!  I have to feed the hogs.”

Me:  “Will you trade me?  How about I’ll feed the hogs if you’ll milk the cows, since I’ve never milked a cow before…?”

Joe:  “You’ve NEVER milked a cow?  Well alright…I guess I can trade with you.  But just this once!”

Me:  “Thanks Joe, you’re a lifesaver!”

I waited for a couple of minutes and then I said:  “Okay, I’m all done feeding the hogs so I guess I’ll go back to sleep now okay?”

Joe:  “You’re already done?  Boy, you really half-assed it, didn’t ya?”

Me:  “I suppose I did.”

Joe:  “Well, tomorrow’s a new day.”

Me:  “It sure is.  Goodnight Joe.”

Joe:  “Yeah, goodnight.”

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